Blanket and Board



Insulating blankets are used in the appliance, ceramic, chemical processing, glass and metals industries in a great variety of insulating and fire protection applications. These products are lightweight and flexible consisting of fibres interlocked to form a strong, resilient material. They are extremely efficient insulators, with low heat storage capacity and complete resistance to thermal shock.

A strong, lightweight, double needled blanket is rated to 1260C. Blanket with a higher alumina content is rated for use to 1400C providing excellent handling qualities in both hot and cold states. We also provide a zircon blanket which is suitable for continuous use at elevated temperatures. This blanket is made from high purity raw materials to substantially reduce shrinkage.



Insulating Board has low permeability, low thermal conductivity and high temperature stability. These boards have excellent resistance to thermal shock, good strength and rigidity and are easy to fabricate.

This insulation is a low density product with uniform density across its entire thickness and ideal for thermal areas subject to vibration or mechanical stress. Temperature ratings vary between 1260C and 1427C.



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