Furnace Manufacture and Repairs

Mathews Industrial Products Pty Ltd manufacture laboratory and gold room furnaces, kilns, boilers and incinerators to suit all requirements. We can supply gas, diesel or electric furnaces for fusion, cupellation, tilting, static, gold room or foundry smelting.


Electric Rectangular Cupellation Furnace - 50 Place



Electric D Muffle Cupellation Furnace - 100 Place



LP Gas Fired Rectangular Cupellation Furnace - 50 Place



Fusion Furnace - 50 Pot - LP Gas Fired - Twin Burner


Fusion Furnace - 30 Pot - Type A - LP Gas Fired - Single Burner



A100 Gold Tilting Furnace


Carbon Regeneration Kiln


In addition to supplying new furnaces, we can also reline and refurbish existing equipment. Have your old furnace rebuilt by our experienced refractory installation team and returned looking like a new furnace at competitive prices. From a full reline to minor repairs, we can take care of all your requirements including conversion from old to suit multi load system.

Our reline service includes:

  • Knocking out old refractories and replacing with high quality refractories (ie. Alumina bricks, castable, insulating bricks, ceramic fibre and board)

  • Sand blasting and respraying exterior

  • Checking and reporting on condition of control equipment, burner controls, UV sensors, pneumatic systems and advising accordingly. We can replace or repair if required.

  • Work can be performed at our factory or on site.



  25 pot gas fusion furnace (Before and After)

Need spare parts? Mathews Industrial Products Pty Ltd offers a reliable supply of high quality spare parts including controllers, thermocouples, muffle inners, flues, stands, lids, burners, tiles, spouts, elements etc.

We also offer a wide range of sizes of furnace lining kits, burning blocks, pouring spouts, retaining brick set and stands to suit our full range of crucibles.



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