Furnace Accessories


Furnace Pouring Spout


The furnace pouring spout assists the gold flow from crucible to the gold mould.

Furnace Locating Block

The furnace locating block is used to hold the poring spout into position to ensure nice steady flow from the crucible to the gold mould.

Burner Block


The burner block is used for ease in construction of furnaces and re-line.  The burner block will ensure the correct circulation and distribution of the flame - thus an efficient furnace.

Crucible Stand

We have stands to suit all sizes of crucibles to ensure the burner flame hits the crucible at the correct height to ensure uniform heating.


Thermocouple Complete Systems

We offer a full range of Thermocouples Type 'K' and others to meet your requirements for temperature control.


We have available a full range of furnace accessories for the Gold Room and would be happy to quote for your complete system or relevant spare parts.


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