Full range of protective gloves in numerous materials.

100% Kevlar Glove - 100% knitted Kevlar with plastic dots on both sides.




70% Kevlar Glove - 70% knitted Kevlar 30% cotton Kevlar with nitrile dots on both sides which are more durable than plastic dots.



FRG042 - High Wear Goat Leather Outer, Kevlar 34% Cotton 66%.  Ribbed Towel Lining, Ribbed Cotton Cuff.  Exceptional wear and tear resistance.  Ideal for Fire and Rescue Environment.  Can be washed and brought back to life using Renapur.

GLV301 - Plain Knitted Poly Cotton Knitted Gloves.



GLO300 - Knitted Polka Dot Poly Cotton Gloves.



We manufacture numerous types of gloves for use in high temperature applications.  We are happy to work with clients to achieve satisfactory designs to meet their specific needs.



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