Gold Room Accessories


Carbon Moulds:    Carbon moulds for the gold industry to meet your specific requirements.

Carbon Gold Mould


Carbon End Pour Gold Mould


Carbon Cascade Gold Mould


Cast Iron Moulds:    A full range of cast iron moulds are available in various sizes.


Gold moulds are available in a full range of sizes and shapes. We provide one pour Ingot moulds, multiple pour Cascade moulds or Bullion moulds. These can be made from various materials and all to specifications provided.


Depression moulds: are available to meet clients requirements. We can supply as a single item or in sets.


RTZ Washcoat: is a zircon based refractory coating widely used throughout the mining, foundry and engineering industries, in refractory situations where extended life and added protection is desired.

Because of its non-stick properties, R.T.Z works exceptionally well as a releasing agent on gold moulds.  Gold bars slip out easily, requiring little cleaning.



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