Laboratory Supplies


Evacuated Pin Tubes and

Pin Tube Holder


We supply two sizes of Evacuated Pin Tubes and Holders to suit.


Test Tube Racks

We manufacture a full range of laboratory test tube racks to suit numerous sizes and configuration of test tubes.


Test Tubes

Various size test tubes are available.

Tiered test tube racks can be manufactured to suit specifications on request.



Ideal fluxing materials such as Borax Technical Grade, Borax Anhydrous, Dense Soda Ash, Silica Flour, Plain Flour, Litharge, Sodium Nitrate, Potassium Nitrate, Nitric Acid and various other chemicals are available on request.

Alternative fluxing materials prepared to your own specification.



We manufacture and supply a range of tongs for various applications.

Please send a sketch of your requirement and we would be happy to quote. 


Hot Plate


HP0001:  We manufacture aluminium anodized hot plates for laboratory use with control station remote to prevent damage from chemical spillage.


Hot Plate Element

HP0002:  Placeable Hot Plate element.


Silver Wire

We would be happy to quote for your silver wire requirements and can offer various diameters and weights.



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