Protective Accessories

(For Thermal, Radiant and Reflective Protection)


SLV201 - Aluminised Sleeves.  Large, unlined with elastic bottom.



SLV315 - Wool Sleeves. 33cm Long. Elasticised.




SPT036 - Knee Spat.  Woven Aramid with velcro fastening.



HOD017 - We manufacture aluminised protective hoods and head gear for numerous applications in the foundry and mining industries.


HOD021 - Aluminised hood for protection in high temperature situations. 

Various visors are available to suit your particular application.

BOOT01 - Aluminised kiln entry boot with adjustable ankle and instep straps and wooden sole.



All are made to order and can be made to your specifications whether you need a pocket, velcro fastening, longer, shorter, wider, we can amend all patterns. Various materials and styles are available.



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