RTZ Washcoat


RTZ WASHCOAT: is a zircon based refractory coating widely used throughout the mining, foundry and engineering industries, in refractory situations where extended life and added protection is desired.

Crucibles:  Crucible erosion can be greatly reduced by evenly coating the inside and outside of each crucible with R.T.Z prior to use.  R.T.Z. assists in preventing Black Spot ie: Carbon Pick up from Clay Graphite crucibles thus preventing staining on gold bars.

Furnaces:  R.T.Z Wash Coat protects and increases the life of insulation materials in furnaces.  Brickwork can also be protected from chemical and slag attack by brushing on R.T.Z.

Moulds:  Because of its non-stick properties, R.T.Z works exceptionally well as a releasing agent on gold moulds.  Gold bars slip out easily, requiring little cleaning.

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